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Data Management

Track events, customers, spaces and even individual items with our custom reporting. Exporting your information to Excel, PDF, and more is easy with just a few clicks.

User Focused

Tired of spreadsheets and complicated computer programs? We have simplifed festival management into an easy to use web portal. Enjoy full access from your Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Phone and any other web enabled device.

Customized to Fit
Your Goals

We offer various customization packages to fit your needs. We also provide "User Defined Definitions" that let you add and manage information that is important to you.

Chute Festival is here!


Chute Festival provides you with a computerized interactive version of your festival or fairground layout. Quickly determine which spaces are available and which vendors are using specific spaces. See your vendor reservations laid out in beautiful color.
Chute Festival works on-line which means you aren’t tied to a specific machine. You won’t have limits on users or computer access. There are no limits on the number of users and no extra charges for access from more than one machine. Enjoy full access from your tablet or phone with fully enabled web management.

You no longer have to worry about system failure, hard-drive crashes or obsolete technology. All of your data is hosted offsite secure and safe in the cloud. Leave the server maintenance fears behind and focus on what makes your festival work.
Chute Festival is compeletely web based. This means no installation and seamless upgrades that are transparent to your operation. All that is necessary is internet access on any device with a standard web browser.

Use your fair or festival data with another payroll or accounting system? No Problem! We provide easy exports for most data into common formats such as PDF, Excel, and CSV. With only a few clicks you can export an entire section of data in a pain-free process.
Whether you host one event or a dozen there are no caps for your organization’s events! Feel confident that as you grow Chute Festival can easily grow with you without having to "upgrade" your pricing plan.

Let Chute Festival take the stress out of billing. Generate customized invoices on the fly to track and manage payments and accounts. With a few clicks, you can generate all invoices for a given event!


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